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Unveiling Our Story

Why choose Hircan

What sets us apart from other companies in the field of animal venom production is our unwavering commitment to a holistic approach that blends scientific innovation with ethical responsibility. At our core, we prioritize the welfare of the animals involved, ensuring their well-being and the conservation of their species is our foremost concern. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise enable us to extract venom with precision and care, while our team of dedicated researchers and professionals is constantly pushing the boundaries of what venom can achieve in various industries, from medicine to pharmaceuticals. We take pride in fostering sustainability, preserving ecosystems, and adhering to rigorous ethical standards. Our diverse range of venom products, available in both dry and liquid forms, meets the highest quality and safety standards, making us a trusted partner for researchers and businesses alike. Our journey is one of responsible innovation, and it's this commitment to excellence, ethics, and the environment that truly sets us apart.

Scope of our work

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Our scope of work encompasses a multifaceted strategy centered on the breeding and nurturing of venomous creatures. Our primary emphasis lies in the domain of conservation, where we extract and synthesize the fundamental elements found in venom for medicinal purposes. 

Through the adept management and in-depth study of these extraordinary animals, we actively contribute to scientific research and the advancement of life-saving drugs. This underscores our unwavering dedication to the intricate realm of venomous animals and their pivotal contribution to medical progress.

Improve The Process of Toxication

For the production of higher quality pesticides, special care and foods rich in organic substances are used with a specific formula that increases the protein content of the toxin and increases its quality.

For proper nutrition, we use the complete food pyramid, which is rich in all kinds of proteins and vitamins and carbohydrates.For special care we use the most commonly used transformative natural environment, and keep generators there.

In addition to increasing the quality of toxins, the company's special nutrition also increases the life span of animals.

Animal Selection:
  • Spiders, including Black Widows
  • Snakes, including Cobras
  • Scorpions

  • Venom Deposits meticulously preserved in liquid form at temperatures between -50°C and -70°C.
  • Securely stored in liquid nitrogen tanks.

Delivery Options:
  • Choose between Dry and Liquid Forms.
  • Select from Purified Dry or Pure Raw Venom.
  • Our cutting-edge lab can produce and deliver a minimum of 200g in liquid or 40g in dry venom products per quarter.
  • Liquid venom available for delivery in portable freezers.

Our Range of Offerings:

Animal Selection:
  • Spiders and Black Widows
  • Snakes and Cobras
  • Scorpions
Maintenance and Preservation:

  • Venom is meticulously gathered and stored in liquid form at exceptionally low temperatures, ranging from -50°C to -70°C.
  • Securely preserved in liquid nitrogen tanks.
Variety in Delivery:
  • Choose between Dry and Liquid Venom forms.
  • Select from either purified dry or pure raw venom options.
  • Our cutting-edge laboratory can produce and distribute a minimum of 200 grams in liquid form or 40 grams in dry form of venom products every quarter.
  • Liquid venom can be conveniently transported in portable freezers for your convenience.

For any inquiries, please reach out to us at the following phone numbers:
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